Workplace Injury and Workers Compensation

Under the Maine Workers’ Compensation Act, an injured employee is entitled to benefits as a result of their work injury including weekly benefits, payment of medical bills, vocational rehabilitation, and more. If you are a Maine worker and suffer an injury during the course of your job duties, don’t hesitate to contact Injured Workers’ Legal Center – strict deadlines to report the injury and file a claim apply. Failure to do so could result in forfeiture of benefits. 

Our commitment to clients is to ensure that they receive fair compensation for their work injuries. You didn’t ask to be injured at work or treated unfairly by the insurance company or employer following that injury. When you hire us, we handle communication with the insurance company and successfully navigate Maine laws to ensure that you are properly compensated. 

Your initial consultation with our firm is free. In fact, our attorneys are paid only when we successfully obtain past due benefits owed, negotiate a successful settlement, or we are actively litigating a dispute with the insurance company. 

Every day, we stand up to large insurance companies and advocate for our clients to ensure that they are treated fairly. We are not afraid to fight on your behalf at trial.

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