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The Injured Workers’ Legal Center is your first call after a Maine work related accident. It is our job to fight for your rights, and get you the compensation you deserve. Your situation is serious, and we understand what is on the line for you and your family.

Our team of dedicated advocates and lawyers will fight on your behalf to make things right.


“Thank you for your expertise, humor and genuine caring for me. We are lucky to have you.”
“I’d like to thank both of you for your sensitivity and caring in helping me.”
“Very pleased thank you. I am a shy person and felt completely comfortable through the process with my social security claim.”
“Thank you for your guidance through the process and your patience. The result was what we wanted.”
“I see you more as a friend or concerned party than a lawyer for hire. Thank you for devoting so much time and effort to the case. You are good at what you do and your services are invaluable.”
“Thank you all for your tremendous amount of help you have been to me. You all are so very professional and so very kind. Never once did I feel uncomfortable with any one of you. You are a class act!!!”

Let us help you determine fair compensation for your injury.

Relentless and Compassionate.

Your injury and the stress of the associated financial burdens have put you and your family at risk.  Our goal is a fair financial resolution to get you back to living your life. You don’t need to go it alone.

Been There. Done That.

Our experienced team has helped thousands of Mainers navigate difficult times.  From work-related injuries, asbestos claims, Social Security Disability insurance,  and insurance claim denials.  Once you are a member of our legal practice, we don’t make you go it alone after your case is resolved. 

We  help you win inside of a system designed to favor the other party.

We Take Your
Situation Seriously

We understand that an injury has tremendous impact on you and your family.


We'll help you navigate the processes with dignity.


It's our job to get you what is fair. We don’t get paid unless you do.


We work tirelessly to fight for your rights.


The insurance and Social Security systems are difficult to navigate.  The stakes are high. Being injured and out of work is stressful enough, you do not have to do this alone.  Let us put our decades of expertise to work for you. 

Workplace Injury and Workers' Compensation

Our commitment to our clients is to ensure that they receive compensation for their work injuries.  When you hire us, we handle communication with the insurance company and successfully navigate Maine laws to ensure that you are properly compensated.

Longshore and Harbor Worker Injuries

We help injured longshore workers acquire compensation for their injuries, as well as recover both past and future medical expenses. We have represented workers with all types of longshore injuries.

Asbestos Related Illness

Our firm has secured millions of dollars for our clients from Asbestos manufacturers and equipment makers who required asbestos products in the installation and use of their products.

Social Security Disability Insurance

More than half of all initial stage social security disability insurance (SSDI) applications are turned down. Most people give up and never appeal the denied claim. The IWLC represents our clients to appeal these denied claims through the hearing process to secure their benefits.

Estate Planning


Estate Planning is the process of arranging all aspects of a person’s financial, legal and personal affairs to guide them and their families as they transition and age.

Probate Administration

We guide our clients through probate and the administration of estates so you can focus on your family and the needs of your own life. Probate is the legal process that takes place after the death of an individual.


Your job is more than your livelihood.  It’s part of your identity.  Our experienced team is ready to take on your case and go to great lengths to thoroughly understand your situation so we can get you what you deserve.


Healthcare workers

Physicians, nurses, certified nursing assistants, licensed clinical social workers, and more.

  • Back / shoulder injuries from lifting / assisting patients
  • Slip and fall injuries
  • Repetitive arm / hand injuries from typing
Men at Work

Construction workers & laborers

  • Back / shoulder injuries from lifting heavy objects
  • Traumatic head injuries / concussions from falling objects
  • Slip and fall injuries
  • Fractures and lacerations from injuries with equipment and tools

Truck drivers(local and long haul)

  • Repetitive arm/hand injuries (CTS, epicondylitis)
  • Deep vein thrombosis from long periods of sitting
  • Back injuries
  • Injuries suffered as a result of motor vehicle accidents

Asbestos related workers

Family members and workers exposed to asbestos.

  • Mesothelioma
  • Asbestosis
  • Lung cancer
  • Pulmonary disease
  • Stomach cancer
  • Peritoneal cancer
  • Laryngeal cancer

First response workers

Firefighters, police officers, EMTs, and more.

  • Back injuries from lifting heavy objects and patients
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder from exposure to traumatic events
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Slip and falls
A craftman is welding with workpiece steel.Working person About welder steel Using electric welding machine There are lines of light coming out and safety equipment in factory industry.

Warehouse / production workers / manufacturing workers / machinists / mechanics

  • Traumatic injuries from falling objects
  • Slip and falls
  • Back/shoulder injuries from lifting heavy objects
  • Fractures and lacerations from injuries with equipment and tools

Clerical / administrative positions

  • Repetitive arm/hand injuries (i.e. carpal tunnel syndrome, epicondylitis) from typing
  • Slip and falls
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder from workplace harassment
  • Back/shoulder injuries from lifting heavy objects

Longshore Workers

  • Finger injuries due to being caught in machines / slammed
  • Arthritis/work out worker syndrome caused from repetitive injuries over time
  • Burns from welding torches; hot metal
  • Electrocution injuries
  • Neck and head injuries from construction activities
  • Hearing loss

Papermill Workers

  • Shoulder injury from repetitive overhead use
  • Crush injuries from machinery
  • Back injuries from lifting
  • Cuts from milling

Delivery and Transportation Services

  • Injuries sustained in automobile accident
  • Back injuries from heavy lifting
  • Shoulder Injuries from pushing/pulling
  • Complex regional pain syndrome from bodily injury

Hospitality and Service Industries

  • Slip and fall on ice or wet floors
  • Cuts while cooking
  • Carpal Tunnel from repetitive use
  • Back injury

Supervisors and Managers

  • Stress claims
  • Carpal Tunnel from computer use
  • Bodily injury
  • Assault


Experts in workers’ injury compensation, longshore, and social security disability.

Suzanne L. Johnson

Attorney at Law
Founder and Principal

In the decades of her legal career Suzanne has blended representing injured workers to secure the benefits they are entitled to with their need for long range planning for their personal and family security.

Katherine Gatti Rooks

Attorney at Law

Kate focuses on workers’ compensation, social security disability, and insurance denial (long-term and short-term disability) cases, where she has earned the respect of colleagues and judges for her tireless advocacy on behalf of her clients.

Charlie March

Attorney at Law
Founder and Principal

Charles has been practicing workers compensation, employment disability, and injury law throughout Maine for thirty years. He now represents injured contractors from war-support employers, defense base injuries, worldwide.

Julie Colby


Julie has over thirty years of legal experience assisting workers who have been injured on the job, specializing in filing longshore claims, helping hundreds of Maine workers to ensure they receive the disability benefits they deserve.

Kristen Start

Probate Paralegal, Fiduciary Department Manager

Kristen works with our injured clients, our elderly, disabled veterans and trust clients to manage their finances, pay their bills and balance their checkbooks. She assists families after the death of a loved one by steering them through the probate process by completing the necessary court paperwork and balancing family dynamics.

Susan has more than a decade of experience assisting in the handling of Social Security Disability and State Workers’ compensation matters.

Ira Sterling

Staff Attorney

Ira is a graduate of the University Maine School of Law.  During law school, he worked as a student attorney at the Cumberland Legal Aid Clinic, where he provided legal representation to low income clients in an assortment of civil and criminal matters. 


The first step in getting you the financial resolution you deserve is telling us about your injury and situation.