Probate Administration

For decades we have assisted our clients and their family members with the transitions created by the death of a love one.  Probate is the legal process that takes place after the death of an individual. A deceased person’s estate is ‘testate’ if that person had a valid Last Will and Testament. If a person died without a will, their estate is ‘intestate’. The purpose of probate is to identify a decedent’s assets and creditors in order to ensure the assets of an individual are transferred after death to their heirs and/or the devisees of a person’s will.

We have assisted either because we are appointed to act as the Estate’s executor (known as a Personal Representative in Maine); or when we provide assistance to the person who has been nominated. At times when there is no Will or Estate Plan in place, we locate assets and secure the rightful distributions of benefits.  At times when there are family members who don’t agree on how an estate should be distributed, we have experience with probate court litigation, and seeking resolution through family-involved mediation. We have administrated Estates in all probate courts in all counties in the State of Maine.

We guide our clients through probate and the administration of estates so you can focus on family and the needs of your own life.

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