Social Security Disability Insurance

The Injured Worker’s Legal Center has decades of combined experience helping Mainers obtain disability benefits under the Social Security Disability system. Many people pay into the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program by working eligible jobs during their career. In order to qualify for SSDI benefits, a person must have worked in jobs covered by Social Security, including periods of military service. Additionally, a person must have worked in a social security eligible job five out of the 10 most recent years prior to their application.

There are many types of disabilities that may make people eligible for benefits. When a person experiences a disabling injury or illness, the SSDI program should step in and offer financial assistance. However, it comes as a shock to many people when their initial SSDI claim is denied. More than half of all initial stage SSDI applications are turned down. Most people give up and never appeal the denied claim. The IWLC represents our clients to appeal these denied claims through the hearing process to secure their benefits.

SSDI filing deadlines are strict. It is important for clients to call us as soon as they have received a denial of their claim. We will work with you to answer your questions, put together a persuasive claim and represent you at a final hearing. The social security process can often extend beyond two or more years before a decision is reached. No members of the IWLC receives compensation for your SSDI claim until they have successfully obtained you benefits.  Payment is then issued by the Social Security Administration from retroactive benefits that are awarded.

Social Security Disability Examples

  • Career Police Officer with chest, foot and leg pain;
  • Carpenter with Neurofibromatosis;
  • Rental Business employees with chronic back pain and complex regional pain syndrome;
  • Certified Nurse Assistant with Degenerative Disc Disease; 
  • Furniture Mover with Rheumatoid Arthritis;
  • Professional Administrator with Brain Injury and Depression; 
  • Shipyard Metalworker with Degenerative Disc Disease and Carpal Tunnel;
  • Lunch Room Assistant with major depression;
  • Cable Puller with frozen shoulder syndrome;
  • Electrician with disability due to multiple chemical exposures
  • Professional administrator with post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety
  • Office administrative worker with vertigo
  • Bartender with triangular fibrocartilage complex injury to wrist
  • Food processor osteoarthritis, urinary incontinence 
  • Office worker with migraine and persistent vomiting
  • Younger individual cervical fracture and chronic pain
  • Bartender with peripheral neuropathy;
  • Railroad Worker with low back injury;
  • Shipyard welder with head, neck, hand injuries;
  • Self Employed with Degenerative Joint Disease;
  • Administrative worker with shoulder disability;
  • Military person with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder;
  • Restaurant Worker with autism;
  • Welder with carpal tunnel;
  • IT professional with cardiac dysfunction;
  • Utility inspector with multiple sclerosis;
  • Shipyard worker with Low Back DDD;
  • Retail worker with Thalmic Pain;  
  • Beautician with sleep apnea; fibromyalgia, ischemic colitis

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